Advantages of purchasing online lotteries

Online lottery
19 Nov, 2018

Advantages of purchasing online lotteries

Internet has changed almost everything, and of course, also the way to buy and sell lottery. Before the internet, it was normal to fill out the ticket manually, and stand in line at the authorized establishment to validate the ticket most often when a millionaire jackpot was accumulated, or close to Christmas with the national lotteries of those dates.


Online sales and affiliate business

The possibility of playing online lottery, does not mean that you can not continue playing in the traditional way, they can complement each other perfectly.

Buying lottery online today offers the possibility to make lottery purchases from many countries, and different games. Participate in the most millionaire jackpots worldwide, and especially do it from any location.

Year after year the volume of sales of online lottery is getting bigger in detriment of offline sales. In general, this last year there has been an 11.62% increase in sales in online lotteries, and at the same time a decrease of 3.17% has been recorded regarding the volume of offline sales.

With the online sale of lottery it is opened a great opportunity to join legal, serious and committed company to obtain really good benefits. The billions that the lottery sale currently generate is like a cake that invites you to participate in it.

Affiliates to lottery sales platforms, obtain real benefits, without frights or tricks, they are owners of their business at all times.

They enjoy total autonomy, without the need of investing money, and they are able to know the economic repercussion that their work will have while promoting and generating traffic at any time.

The benefits are automatically added to their partner account and thus are guaranteed. You do not have unpleasant incidents of negative balances, as can happen in other systems such as casinos.

Being an affiliate is fun and well paid, simply: divulge, sell and collect. It’s a very simple equation:

You earn as much as you sell and sell as much as you work effectively!


Advantages of being an affiliate of lotteries

At we make available to our affiliates all necessary tools to facilitate their work. The affiliate has to put the magic, to be able to take advantage of all the powers that the internet offers, to promote and generate the necessary traffic.

Below you can see some of the biggest advantages of being a LottoHoy affiliate:

  • By signing up you will have access to a complete sales control panel.
  • You can Create as many links as you need for your campaigns.
  • There is a Complete system of reports to see your records, visits and sales.
  • All the graphic material you need.
  • There are no negative balances like in casino.
  • Recurring benefits month by month.

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