Is it better to be a lottery affiliate or Amazon affiliate?

Advantages of lottery afiliation vs Amazon
29 Nov, 2018

Is it better to be a lottery affiliate or Amazon affiliate?

It is a proven fact that affiliate marketing is constantly evolving.

Everywhere we find companies that have created their own affiliate programs to increase sales of their own products or services, as well as products and services from third parties. Among these companies perhaps the company that has the most dominance in the market, is Amazon, the Jeff Bezos company.

Amazon is possibly the largest market in the world, and there you can find all kinds of products. Therefore, a priori, it may seem a very good idea to become an affiliate of Amazon, since you can specialize in any niche.

However, all that glitter is not gold, and it can be much more profitable to become an affiliate of LottoHoy. The affiliation of lotteries is a segment that is growing very strongly because of the great advantages it brings compared to the mentioned companies.

Advantages of being an affiliate of LottoHoy instead of Amazon

There are many reasons in favor of being affiliated with lotteries respect to being Affiliate of companies or platforms that sell products or services such as Amazon.

Among other advantages we could highlight the following:

  • Much higher commissions.
  • Less competitions
  • Recurring benefits for life
  • Immediate income in affiliate account
  • Stability of clients


Commissions are higher in LottoHoy than in Amazon.

Amazon offers a complex system of affiliate commissions. Depending on the product you decide to promote and the country, you will receive a differen t% that can vary a lot.

For example, from a 1% profit on the sale of mobile phones up to a maximum of 12% on some fashion products, and as long as you have sold at least 250 of those products in a month (a bit complicated, no?) .

In our platform, affiliates obtain recurring commissions that range from 10% (practically the maximum that Amazon offers) to 35% per month, according to their effort and perseverance.

In practice, although the commission for selling Amazon products may involve a higher amount in the short term, it is only for purchases made within the period in which the cookies of the platform are kept (30 days). From that moment you will not receive anything.

On the other hand, lottery purchases are much more continuous every week and over time. The users remain active for a long time, and you will always receive the commission for each user sent.


Less competition in the lottery industry

The lottery affiliation service, is relatively new, and therefore with less competition, which is a very favorable aspect to create a good portfolio in a short time.

An easy and well-paid job, since the lottery market is growing and through platforms such as you can access a highly demanded service without geographical limitations.


Recurring Lifetime commissions

Unlike platforms such as Amazon and similar, that the affiliate depends on the operation of purchasing an item is completed (ie, that there is no return of the purchase), the lottery affiliate always has the guarantee that the purchase is firm, and consequently receive its commission.

In addition, the client sent by the affiliate of lotteries, it is forever, and regardless of the time elapsing between purchase and purchase, always will get the corresponding commission in its account.


Immediate entry into account of the commissions

The affiliate of lotteries, does not have to wait for a certain period to be credited to his commissions.

On the platform, affiliate commissions are automatically entered at the moment of confirmation of the purchase, and each time the customer makes a purchase, a commission is generated in favor of the affiliate.


The lottery users are very loyal

It is perhaps one of the most notable differences with respect to Amazon or similar. The customer of the online lottery platform is usually faithful and does not need to change platforms to make their lottery plays. For this reason, an affiliate who manages to have a portfolio of clients is assured of a continuity in their income.

The same does not happen in the affiliation to companies that promote products or services, since the buyer  comes to them only when he needs a purchase and has multiple offers from different stores to choose from.

Also, in many cases, and Amazon is no exception, the cookies generated by traffic from an affiliate, remain 30 days. After that period, any purchase made by the client will not generate any commission.


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