Lottery Messenger vs Lotto Betting

Lottery Messenger
19 Nov, 2018

Lottery Messenger vs Lotto Betting

As in other aspects of our lives today, globalization and especially the internet, allows us to access lotteries from around the world, from any point with a simple Internet connection and through any type of device: Smartphone, tablet or computer.

It is true that the lottery is still played in the traditional way, that is, going physically to the authorized point of sale, but it is increasingly common to take advantage of the comfort that the Internet offers us to do that Same action comfortably from home or from any location, and above all to be able to do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In general, the rules of the different lotteries indicate that they are exclusively closed to their circle of action, that is, to their territory, state, country or group of countries that organize each of these games.

For example, lotteries that are played in the US are exclusive to residents of its various states, forcing the physical presence of the winner, with the corresponding ticket in case of a win.


Online lottery sales platforms

It’s been a few years since the first online platforms appeared that allowed an easy participation in lotteries from countries other than the players residence, such as LottoHoy.

Overcoming the possible initial distrust that these new marketers could suppose, we see how day by day the offer is expending, and becoming more varied, and above all offering more security. At LottoHoy, for example, we have the corresponding official gaming licenses and security protocols that encrypt the exchange of data between platform and client.

Today, what at the beginning could look like  a handicap or disadvantage for potential players from other states or countries, is easily solved through the “Messaging Services” or Lottery Messenger, and also another system that is imposing with force lately, the Lotto Betting.


What is Lottery Messenger?

We can explain what is lottery messenger as lottery on request. It is a safe and legal way to play the most popular lottery raffle prizes.

Most of the lotteries regulate that its tickets must be purchased within the country or jurisdiction in which the game is based, but when playing through LottoHoy, the tickets are purchased by an agent within the country in which the draw is held, to comply with the rules of each organization.

The purchase is made on behalf of the player, so for legal purposes is fully valid, and do not become lottery companies in their own right, and are not subject to the regulations of iGaming.

The terms and conditions are established in a contract between the player and the company that offers the courier service, to ensure that it is a legitimate online service.


What is Lotto Betting?

The Lotto Betting service is based on placing a bet on the result of the official drawing of a specific lottery, and matching the largest number of balls that make up the winning combination.

In this case, the company does not buy the lottery ticket directly, but acts as an acceptor of the bet that the player makes on the result of a particular lottery.

The company has no connection with the lottery operator, and will pay directly the amounts that could correspond to any prize category.

As an example of the above, suppose that the player bets on the result of lotteries such as: EuroMillions, Eurojackpot, PowerBall, MegaMillions or any other lottery that offers millionaire jackpots.

In case of matching the numbers that correspond to any of the categories of prizes provided by the official lotteries, the cash prize will be paid directly by the company (or insurance company), as if it had been won with an official ticket.

To guarantee the payment of these awards, the company carries out an insurance operation by contracting an insurance policy, with a specialized company that will cover the payment of the larger amounts. What we could understand as a contract for difference (CFD).



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