What it is a lottery affiliate ?

Lottery affiliate vs Casino
19 Nov, 2018

We could define the word “affiliation” as the action to join an organization or company to collect benefits and rights, in exchange for a contribution.

The word “affiliate” is born from Affiliation, which is the person or legal entity that forms part of the contract that is established for the exchange of common interests between parties.

A person or “entity” can be affiliated with multiple causes, very diverse among themselves. You can be a member of a union, affiliate of the social security, affiliate to promote third party products, etc. etc.

We will focus on this last aspect, the affiliate that is dedicated to promoting products or services for third parties in exchange for a remuneration, usually economic.


The advantages of affiliation in lotteries with respect to casinos

The casino affiliation is much older, and therefore, more powerful than the affiliation to lotteries. That implies that there is greater competition.

Little by little the lottery affiliation companies have been gaining ground and nowadays we can study the advantages and differences between both to see what can be better when it comes to obtaining recurring benefits.


Less competition in lottery affiliation

While there are countless casinos or casino brands that fight in the same market, online lottery companies are few, and consequently there are many more possibilities to promote their services and generate good returns. Being a lottery affiliate is much more profitable.

In addition, the competition is not only among the casinos, but also among the affiliates themselves. Having a much larger number of websites that promote casinos, it is much more difficult for a newcomer to gain a foothold. In the case of lottery games it is much simpler.


Lottery players are more loyal

Usually, a casino player often moves from one platform to another, always looking for new features, and especially bonuses that allow him to play for free and thus try to win more.

In the lottery platforms, the player does not feels the need to go hunting for bonuses, since what really interests him is to play his favorite lottery games with the biggest jackpots. And as every week there are several raffles, they come back.


Lottery affiliates promote millionaire jackpots

In casino, the player can win small amount against the house. And betting against the casinos without knowing exactly what the profits may be is not the best option..

However, when we talk about lottery raffles, we can promote jackpots of hundreds of millions. The lotteries facilitate the affiliation of players offering lotteries from all around the world, with betting prices at various fixed prices that the player can control at all times.


The feeling of not being scammed

By the fact that there are few companies that market lottery and lottery betting products, it is easier for the affiliate to control their profits and receive timely and mathematical benefits.

In addition, when the user buys tickets, they simply have to wait until the official draw ends and then can verify with accuracy that they receive the prize that corresponds to them. On the contrary, in casino, the player can have the feeling that everything is prepared for him to lose.


In lottery affiliation, there are no negative carryover.

This is unfortunately often in the case of casinos, especially due to the issue of the bonuses they offer.

When the casino player wins money with his plays, it results in a negative balance against the casino, which must be compensated with new commissions generated by the affiliate. Sometimes it happens that the affiliate feels cheated, cancels his account or simply does not work.

In the case of LottoHoy, this never happens, since the player is not betting against us, he receives his prize from the total collected by all the participants in the draw. Therefore the affiliate always generates positive commissions.


Specific regulations by country

Generally, there is no limitation for country regulation, since the lottery purchase is usually done through aent services, or in the case of a lottery bet, it is the platform itself that covers the payments.

All this, fully benefits the affiliate, since there is no limitation in its plan to target a market, except for small restrictions that payment methods could impose to some countries.

For that reason, lottery companies usually offer a wide variety of payment methods, including virtual currency.


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