Worldwide lottery sales amounts

Lottery sales
19 Nov, 2018

Year after year the total volume of lottery sales is increasing worldwide. This segment of the market was able to generate in 2015 the chilling amount of 279.9 billion dollars in sales.

Official data shows that during the first three quarters of 2016, the global sales had increased by 4.9% (around  13,700 million more of the previous year), even without the last quarter of the year.

The prestigious publication Research and Markets forecasted in a report for the period 2017-2021 an increase in global sales of 9.44%, which could mean being in a market that moves about 325 billion dollars annually. A huge cake where you can take your piece as an affiliate of LottoHoy.


Selling lottery tickets online, a good deal for affiliates

We have recently seen how the MegaMillions lottery draw gave a super millionaire jackpot of 1.6 billion dollars, surpassing a bit the previous record set by PowerBall USA in the 1.58 billion dollars.

These millionaire jackpots are an extraordinary attraction for players from all over the world who, through online lottery platforms, can have access to play not only in these two big lotteries, but they can also have a wide range of possibilities for other lotteries in the rest of the world.

An affiliate of lotteries, can generate succulent benefits, simply by promoting With commissions ranging from 20% to 35% or more, depending on commitments, the member obtains a clean and safe profits, without cheating or false negative balances, a real return of thousands of dollars annually.

How lottery sales are growing in the world

Little is said about lotteries less known to Europeans and North America, but the truth is that there are emerging lotteries that are having surprising results and increasing sales considerably. Another reason to consider affiliation to lotteries.

In Asia Pacific, led by lotteries in mainland China, annual growth of 7.4% is being experienced. The “Wellness Lottery” increased by 5.8%, while in the “Chinese Sports Lottery” the increase is 15.6%, favored by the bets generated by the dispute of the World Cup of soccer of Russia 2018.

In South America, there are slight increases in their national lotteries, with the exception of the Brazilian Mega-Sena with a real increase of 5.04% still and despite the country’s inflation.

Africa is not far behind and also makes a global increase in its sales of lotteries, especially by the strong pull of lotteries in Morocco.

Loto-Québec in Canada sets the pace of growth, and a bit lower geographically, in the US, it is the lottery of California who is stepping upwards in its sales

While in Europe, the two pan-European lotteries: EuroMillions and Eurojackpot, fight between yes for getting the best results. National lotteries, perhaps of minor importance, are gathering important results.

Lotteries such as the national of the Czech Republic, the Française des Jeux, Szerencsejáték Zrt of Hungary or the Greek OPAP, have increases of up to 4.6%.

Lottery affiliates will have reasons to be happy and increase their profits. Do you dare to be our new affiliate?


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